natalia v. Rusanova




Natalia graduated with a law degree in 2007 majoring in “Juriprudence” from Mari State University, Russia. The following year she moved to the capital of Russia, Moscow and began her professional career with a manufacturing and distribution company Unitop. In 2011 she moved to New York, where she successfully pursued her career with an international manufacturing and distribution company First American Brands Inc. In 2005 Natalia founded several companies with aligned strategic partners, to further focus on manufacturing of licensed and private brands, global distribution, marketing and wholesale. 

To become great at anything in life,
learning should never stop.
Constantly acquiring new skills
enriches career and personal life.
— Natalia V. Rusanova

 Ms. Rusanova is currently developing strong assets in Desire Fragrances business foundation. She is one of the key minds behind introducing a new children’s brand Petite Beaute, to the worldwide market. She is one of the main strategists behind brand licenses acquisitions for Desire Fragrances, in its ever-growing global brand portfolio, and world market positioning in the fragrance industry.

 In 2018, Natalia became a US citizen and a Dutch resident. She is fluent in Russian and English, she currently studying Italian and Dutch.

When she is not in the office, she enjoys taking a walk, and loves that feeling when a sudden idea sparks up the mind like a light bulb. Natalia enjoys traveling and meeting new people who share similar dreams and desires.